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Chair Stoppers

Chair Stoppers, Foot Caps, Adjustable Feet & Chair Glides

Chair stoppers are the unsung hero of the furniture world. They prevent the atmosphere of your venue to being broken by the awful noise of a chair scraping against the floor. Chair stoppers provide a barrier between chair legs and the floor to prevent damage to your flooring and furniture. Ultimately making chair stoppers a necessity for the hospitality industry.

Also known as chair feet, BSeated offers a wide range of variety to suit your needs. Materials span from felt which are perfect for timber chairs like the Bentwood Chairs, to plastic glides for sleigh leg Metal Chairs.. So, whether you’re looking for added protection for your Dining Chairs or Barstools or looking to replace existing stoppers, we can offer a solution. Easily purchase on our website, or if you have any questions add the stoppers to your “Enquiry List” and our team will be happy to help.

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