Arm Chairs

Commercial Arm Chairs

Designed to provide comfort and style, our armchairs are built to be durable and aesthetically appealing for any interior space, making them suitable chairs for commercial spaces such as hotels and restaurants. We also offer stacking chairs, hotel chairs, restaurant chairs, cafe chairs and commercial chairs.

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  1. Moe Club Chair

  2. Trinity Armchair

  3. Sylar Armchair

  4. Cohen Armchair

  5. Irea Armchair

  6. Lexington Armchair

  7. Mona Armchair

  8. Nino Mesh Armchair

  9. Goddard Armchair

  10. Da Vinci 05 Armchair

  11. Juliet Armchair

  12. Torrie Armchair

  13. Tribeca 3665 Armchair

  14. Gaia Lounge Chair

  15. Goteborg Armchair

  16. August Armchair

  17. Louise Armchair

  18. Carlton Armchair

  19. April 1 Armchair

  20. Elm Armchair


  22. Carla Chair

Grid List

Items 1-24 of 372

Set Descending Direction

More About Arm Chairs

Perfect for hotels and venue seating, arm chairs and lounges are not only extremely comfortable but the are sophisticated too. Emulating the prestigious influence of Miami style interiors, our arm chair an