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Strong materials and a rustic appeal signals an industrial style aesthetic. As one of the most popular looks for a contemporary cafe, bar or restaurant venue, the industrial aesthetic is loved for its ability to exude modern vibes whilst making your customers feel right at home. We have a curated selection of industrial style furniture, ranging from folding chairs, to bar stools and steel table bases. Our range of wire furniture is sure hit for creating an industrial and rustic aesthetic and pairs well with accents of wooden and more rustic furniture pieces. Another key characteristic of industrial furniture is experimenting with textures and materials. we have a wide range of different materials and wood stains that will help to add variety to your furniture and give it the rustic look that you desire. We understand that no two venues are the same - in fact, we like it hat way! So all of our industrial style furniture, from chairs to tables, can be customised to your particular needs and specifications. Choose from a variety of styles, colours and finishes to achieve the perfect looks for your venue. Scroll through our most popular industrial furniture pieces below and give one of our expert staff a call today!

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  1. Verse Chair

  2. Audra Sofa

  3. Aster Dining Table

  4. Giant Dining Table

  5. Lily Dining Table

  6. Marsha Dining Table

  7. Bayo Dining Table

  8. Oregon Dining Table

  9. Hardy Dining Table

  10. Claud Dry Bar Table

  11. Mio Metal Side Table

  12. Osaka 5712 Armchair

  13. Osaka 5711 Chair

  14. Cloud Leather Chair

  15. Laird Chair

  16. Rudy Chair

  17. Wystan Armchair

  18. Slade Chair

  19. Liana Chair

  20. Githa Chair

  21. Industry Chair

Grid List

Items 1-24 of 224

Set Descending Direction