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When you think of outdoor furniture, you imagine eye catching colours and woven materials, built to last and withstand the events of eating outdoors. Rattan furniture is ideal for outdoor venues because, put simply, it is all of these things - it is not only aesthetically appealing but it is light weight and easy to move, making for the perfect, stackable outdoor chair. Make the most of both your inside and outside spaces with our range of modern indoor and outdoor Rattan Furniture. Guaranteed to create a tropical or romantic feel to any cafe, bar, or restaurant, our wicker furniture is the perfect accompaniment to your hotel or trendy bar and will extend the dining area to create a more open and inviting atmosphere. We have worked with a number of acclaimed Australian venues at creating an indoor/outdoor environment, and of course, rattan furniture was their furniture of choice. We offer a range of cane furniture styles, colours, and designs including stools, dining chairs armchairs, lounges, coffee tables and dining tables. As with all of our products, we accept custom orders and designs to ensure you are provided with the exact seating solutions you need. See below for our most popular outdoor chairs and give one of our expert staff today.

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  1. Connor Chair

  2. Mandala Arm Chair

  3. Grip Arm Chair

  4. Kurhouse Arm Chair

  5. Bali Dining Arm Chair

  6. Mackenzie Armchair

  7. Tordu Lounge

  8. Mikyla Lounge

  9. Karamba Armchair

  10. Bruno Armchair

  11. Papua Armchair

  12. Mercury Armchair

  13. Mesi Armchair

  14. Subang Armchair

  15. Sabang Armchair

  16. Legian Armchair

  17. Semangi Armchair

  18. Ayla Rattan Armchair

  19. Cesto Rattan Armchair

  20. Dastan Rattan Lounge

Grid List

Items 1-24 of 252

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